Sunday, August 30, 2009


This blog is dying...
I'm scrapping for time now, and none could be spent on this blog anymore..
Going hiatus for now till holiday strikes.

Take care ppl!
Love hugs and kisses

Monday, July 20, 2009

hey it's me again

winter holidays are coming to an end
i'm really going to miss holidays
second sem uni commence next monday
and i'm not looking forward to it, cause we would dive straight into hardcore knowledge
it's kinda hard to feed something into something rusty (eg knowledge into brain that has not worked for a month)
my poor brain, it's not made for this
all i want to do is just lay on bed under my nice warm quilt and laze around and not think about anything
the ultimate ideal day for me (extremely unproductive at all)

after exams, a whole load of burden got lifted off
super uber relieved
but then the thought of results day hunted me every single second till the day i found out i passed all 6 courses (not with pretty, bright and shiny colors, but hell yeah i'm still happy and grateful)
at that time i was in sydney participating in the NCG '09
great fun i had
but i also fell sick and loss my voice
cough, flu and cold tormented me
played ping pong, futsal and basketball by the way and got second for all three games
after the games, stayed back a few days in sydney and paid my aunt a visit
but did not did anything for the first 2 days cause i got too sick i could not get out of bed
on the third and fourth day went out with my aunt and indulged in good food

got back to brisbane
slept and slept and slept as much as i could
cherishing every sleeping second i could grab onto as i know when uni starts, i would have to say bye bye to nice good sleeps
also been enjoying beetroot soup =D
spending time with my cousins
watching movies, eating nice tasty food
loitering around town
and i have been watching lots and lots of re-runs

tomorrow, gonna go to china town for cha sau and sau nyiuk rice =D
and for dinner, korean bbq may be on the menu =D
trying to enjoy as much as i could this holidays
haha like life would end tomorrow

-off to enjoy a hot bowl of beetroot soup-
have a great hols everyone

take care
love hugs and kisses

Saturday, June 20, 2009

my long lost twin Tweek

after sitting for 4 major exam, and torturing the poor brain day after day... these few days before the next 3 other major exams to sit, it seems like i gave up all will to fight..

all i want is to close my eyes and lay in bed under my quilt, and let fantasy bring me away to a land free of worries, stress and pressure.

i'm having one of those lousy regretful thoughts...
"why in the world i choose to study this course?"
i know it's not something positive to do, but it just came to me
i know that i never did had the brains, will or guts to take up this course
and yet, why did i?
i'm having doubts, i'm underestimating my own abilities

i'm going crazy nuts
this is what stress does to me
i should be studying
but instead i'm blogging
channeling my stress?
doing something else should be helpful but instead sometimes i think it builds up more stress in me because i think that i'm wasting my time doing something else when i can use the time to study
@@ arghhhhhhhhhhh
i'm starting to turn into Tweek from southpark
(my caffeine consumption is way above the recommended levels)


*don't laugh
i may be suicidal or facing depression or maybe OD-ing on caffeine
Or i might just be losing my mind?

haha jk jk
i'm neither of those
i'm still holding own, cracking my skull with books
now i'm starting to wonder how many hits (with a hardcover book) does it takes to cause a:
1) concussion
2) haemorrhage
3) skull to crack open
4) permanent damge
5) death

ahhh my morbid emo phase is kicking in...
and now i shall continue drowning myself in notes
soak till i prune up

Sunday, May 17, 2009

pinkish daph

been playing futsal and basketball... reminds me a lot of dd, van, ane and jen li a lot.
really miss u guys a lot.
can't wait for the day we could play sports together again

above is a fugly picture of me.
exhausted and tired and being burnt by the sun
see my cheeks, pink pink
nasib cannot see my panda eyes.
looking at the mirror scares the shit out of me

time flies faster than lightning
3 more weeks left in this semester T.T
then 1 week of SWOT vac
and then 7 exams to conquer

"i came i saw i conquer" shall be my drive to tackle all of this

not so nerdifi-ed tuen nerdifi-ed
take care guys!


Friday, May 8, 2009

exam fever~

Exam timetable for the first semester just came out today...
15/6 PHRM3040
16/6 PHRM3010
17/6 BIOM3010
18/6 PHRM3050
22/6 PHRM3020
23/6 PHRM3030
24/6 PHRM3010 Oral

7 major final exams
none of these courses are elective, they are all major courses
hardcore courses
not macam makan kacang courses...
it is time to start burying my head deep into studies
full speed ahead!
well, knowing me, i'm bound to hit into a few bumps here and there =p

haiz... life of a uni student ={

Before the exam timetable came out, this whole week was a blast
monday - labour day = i love holz
tuesday - yogen fruz = yummy!
wednesday - netball under drizzling rain = brings back childhood memories (playing under the
thursday - hardcore netball with new Jordan 4 retro = new shoes, new blisters
friday - light badminton + netball = painful shins

After the exam timetable came out
mondays to sundays = nerd nerd nerd

the not so nerdified turns nerdified

the nerdified

Sunday, April 26, 2009


This weekend i let my competitive side get the best of me.
I feel bad for letting things affect me.
It's a sports carnival, i should be playing for fun, well and also to win =p

Futsal game was awesome. Had the best futsal game experience ever. Made TWO lucky volley goals =D
A few of the guys changed my name to Daphne Dampard -.-''
Just wished i was a little fitter to block the shots made by the other teams to give Zu (our goalie) a hand.

Tennis too was great, but towards the end i let my anger and frustration go a little.. did not cared about the way i served, i just whacked the ball as hard as i could. Made super duper lots of mistakes... stupid ones... sad
Jerry, you are an awesome partner, would be your tennis partner anytime anywhere.

Yes, Daphne played netball =D
fouled thousands of time - very frustrating u know.....
And this was when i was super angry with the other team..
and i became cruel.. very cruel...
well i did not did anything to her.. but i kinda said a few stuff that i shouldn't... sorry =[
the competitive side of me conquered without mercy
need to win, must win, and we WON!
woots~! GO BLUE TEAM!

Basketball was the last game.
All of u who knows me since highschool would know that i enjoy basketball a lot and it is one of my favorite sports to play.
but today it pissed me off so bad i started to act up.
there wasn't any team in the team itself..
and this girl (girl y) was my main source of anger
we were initially in the same team (mix 3) but she changed to her original color team (yellow team), so she got another girl to sub her spot in the mix 3 team.
so girl x and i are the 2 girls in mix 3 team. i had to miss the first game cause i was sending an injured guy to the hospital and i came back in time to play the 2nd game, girl x puled a muscle so i had to play the whole game.
for this 2nd game, it was mix 3 against yellow team and we beat them, so we were heading into the semis. yellow did not
so in the semis girl y decided to join back mix 3 team... she wanted to play... so it was cool for me as i wouldn't be able to play the whole game, having a sub would be great. so she played the first half and the team agreed that i would play the 2nd... but at the end i was the 'best bench warmer' ever.
girl y didn't even asked if i wanted to play, she decided to play the whole game.
yups the bench was super warm
when it was time to decided 3rd and 4th placing, mix 3 was going against the black team, i bloody hell did not wanted to care anymore and just head off for the bbq with my friends.
yups, i went off without telling the 'team' anything
they pretty much did not needed me anyways, and girl y can play all she wants
great 'team'

anyways, it is all over
am super tired
i literally look like a panda
i've got dark circles around my eyes
my body aches
my head hurts
and i enjoyed QSC a lot

"Pepsi cola, 7up, rumah biru up, up, UP!"

oh, there is badminton again on the 23rd may. Tasia! lets fire up!